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How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs !!?

Most of the ideas that I have listed here are completely random and just listed in order
that I thought of the, However, I intentionally made affiliate marketing number one of this
list because it is by far the easiest way that I know to make money online.
Just in case you've never tried your hand at affiliate marketing here is an easy guide for
getting started and a few tips to help you avoid the mistakes that many “newbie”
marketers often make.
I've heard it said over and over again that in order to make money online you first need
to give something freely. That's very true when it comes to affiliate marketing. Also have
a sincere “GIVE BEFORE YOU GET” mindset. Give your audience good quality,
original information and they'll reward you with great sales!
Before you select affiliate products to sell you need to focus your attention on a
MARKETABLE NICHE. Notice, I didn't just say a niche but a marketable niche. There's
a huge difference.
A marketable niche not only likes your product but also has the disposable income to
spend on your product.
Let me illustrate this for you…literally:

Kids who love SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS are a very large
niche. But since children don’t usually have their own money to
spend they’re not the marketable niche that you want to go
The real marketable niche for Spongebob is the parents of the
kids or in many cases even the grown ups themselves who also
love the crazy cartoon character and don’t mind spending their
money on the multitude of products that bear his likeness.
See the difference. Focus on a niche where people have money that they don’t mind
spending on your products.

Choosing Products :
Now let’s talk about WHERE to find products online to sell. Here a few companies or
affiliate product directories where you can sign up as an affiliate programs and earn a commission on the referral sales that come from your links. There are many more…but
these are just a few of the most popular ones to get you started. - The world’s largest marketplace for digital products.

http://www.Paydotcom – Sort of a cross between Paypal and Clickbank but vendors can
sell either digital or physical products . – A huge affiliate directory for major businesses . – Affiliate manager for major companies . – More than a bookseller, Amazon is a huge affiliate

This is just the tip of the iceberg…you can find millions of products to offer to your niche
audience just by searching for “affiliate programs” at your favorite search engine.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Google AdSense .

AdSense is an ad serving application run by Google Inc. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and video advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Google beta tested a cost-per-action service, but discontinued it in October 2008 in favor of a Double Click offering (also owned by Google)


Google uses its Internet search technology to serve advertisements based on website content, the user's geographical location, and other factors. Those wanting to advertise with Google's targeted advertisement system may enroll through AdWords. AdSense has become a popular method of placing advertising on a website because the advertisements are less intrusive than most banners, and the content of the advertisements is often relevant to the website.

The use of proxy is allowed but if you use a proxy to enter your adsense account your account will be disabled. It has been seen lately that you can use proxies for logins, but sign up must be from a real computer. Proxies like hidemyass, armyproxy, schoolproxy, etc., can be used after sign-up.

Many websites use AdSense to monetize their content. AdSense has been particularly important for delivering advertising revenue to small websites that do not have the resources for developing advertising sales programs and sales people. To fill a website with advertisements that are relevant to the topics discussed, webmasters implement a brief script on the websites' pages. Websites that are content-rich have been very successful with this advertising program, as noted in a number of publisher case studies on the AdSense website.

Some webmasters invest significant effort into maximizing their own AdSense income. They do this in three ways:[citation needed]

1. They use a wide range of traffic-generating techniques, including but not limited to online advertising.
2. They build valuable content on their websites that attracts AdSense advertisements, which pay out the most when they are clicked.
3. They use text content on their websites that encourages visitors to click on advertisements. Note that Google prohibits webmasters from using phrases like "Click on my AdSense ads" to increase click rates. The phrases accepted are "Sponsored Links" and "Advertisements".

The source of all AdSense income is the AdWords program, which in turn has a complex pricing model based on a Vickrey second price auction. AdSense commands an advertiser to submit a sealed bid (i.e., a bid not observable by competitors). Additionally, for any given click received, advertisers only pay one bid increment above the second-highest bid.


Oingo, Inc., a privately held company located in Los Angeles, was started in 1998 by Gilad Elbaz and Adam Weissman. Oingo developed a proprietary search algorithm that was based on word meanings and built upon an underlying lexicon called WordNet, which was developed over the previous 15 years by researchers at Princeton University, led by George Miller.

Oingo changed its name to Applied Semantics (company) in 2001, which was later acquired by Google in April 2003 for US$102 million.

In 2009, Google AdSense announced that it would now be offering new features, including the ability to "enable multiple networks to display ads".


In May 2005, Google announced a limited-participation beta version of AdSense for Feeds, a version of AdSense that runs on RSS and Atom feeds that have more than 100 active subscribers. According to the Official Google Blog, "advertisers have their ads placed in the most appropriate feed articles; publishers are paid for their original content; readers see relevant advertising—and in the long run, more quality feeds to choose from."

AdSense for Feeds works by inserting images into a feed. When the image is displayed by a RSS reader or Web browser, Google writes the advertising content into the image that it returns. The advertisement content is chosen based on the content of the feed surrounding the image. When the user clicks the image, he or she is redirected to the advertiser's website in the same way as regular AdSense advertisements.

AdSense for Feeds remained in its beta state until August 15, 2008, when it became available to all AdSense users.
AdSense for search

A companion to the regular AdSense program, AdSense for search, allows website owners to place Google search boxes on their websites. When a user searches the Internet or the website with the search box, Google shares any advertising revenue it makes from those searches with the website owner. However the publisher is paid only if the advertisements on the page are clicked: AdSense does not pay publishers for mere searches.
AdSense for mobile content

AdSense for mobile content allows publishers to generate earnings from their mobile websites using targeted Google advertisements. Just like AdSense for content, Google matches advertisements to the content of a website — in this case, a mobile website.
AdSense for domains

Adsense for domains allows advertisements to be placed on domain names that have not been developed. This offers domain name owners a way to monetize domain names that are otherwise dormant. Adsense for domains is currently being offered to some users, with plans to make it available to all in stages.

On December 12, 2008, TechCrunch reported that AdSense for Domains is available for all US publishers.[6]
AdSense for video

AdSense for video allows publishers with video content to generate revenue using ad placements from Google's extensive Advertising network.

How AdSense works

* The webmaster inserts the AdSense JavaScript code into a webpage.
* Each time this page is visited, the JavaScript code uses inlined JSON to display content fetched from Google's servers.
* For contextual advertisements, Google's servers use a cache of the page to determine a set of high-value keywords. If keywords have been cached already, advertisements are served for those keywords based on the AdWords bidding system. (More details are described in the AdSense patent.)
* For site-targeted advertisements, the advertiser chooses the page(s) on which to display advertisements, and pays based on cost per mille (CPM), or the price advertisers choose to pay for every thousand advertisements displayed.
* For referrals, Google adds money to the advertiser's account when visitors either download the referred software or subscribe to the referred service. The referral program was retired in August 2008.
* Search advertisements are added to the list of results after the visitor performs a search.
* Because the JavaScript is sent to the Web browser when the page is requested, it is possible for other website owners to copy the JavaScript code into their own webpages. To protect against this type of fraud, AdSense customers can specify the pages on which advertisements should be shown. AdSense then ignores clicks from pages other than those specified.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Twitter: How To Increase Your Followers And Make Money With Twitter

Twitter: How To Increase Your Followers And Make Money With Twitter - Presentation Transcript

1. Twitter : How To Increase Your Followers And Make Money With Twitter Jeremy Gislason
* The web is fast becoming a center for social activities. Instead of just looking for information, advice and the latest news in the more conventional ways the internet has to offer, people are relying on their friends and acquaintances.
* This is now easier and faster than ever before, thanks to innovative websites such as Facebook and Twitter.
* The latter is particularly popular since you can get all the latest updates and information directly to your mobile phone, no matter the hour of the day or your location.
* This innovative communication system is therefore an excellent source of revenue in many ways, as long as you put a little effort in the venture you are undertaking and use some of your own creativity.
* This presentation discusses some useful tips to help you succeed and make money with Twitter.
* How Twitter Works
* In order to take advantage of the opportunities the social site has to offer, you should know first how it works.
* It is quite simple – you sign up for an account, which allows you to post short messages (tweets) to people who have agreed to receive them (your followers).
* This in turn provides you with a totally free way to share your views and advertise your offer in various ways. If you do it right, you can make some healthy profits out of it.
* How To Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast
* The first step towards twitter success is to get as much people as possible to become your followers. This is especially important if you are going to market various products and you want them to get massive exposure.
* There is no point in posting your tweets to only a few people, unless they are raving fans or dedicated followers.
* Here are 4 effective ways to get more people to follow you on Twitter.
* 1) Spread The Word To All Your Contacts.
* Collaborate with your friends and acquaintances to spread the word about each other’s Twitter accounts. This is a great option if you are an active member of an internet community that is at the same time a distinctive target group.
* Let’s say you have a music blog with regular readers. If you are constantly writing in various dedicated online forums, you can ask fellow members to become your Twitter followers.
* If you have a list of subscribers, you could invite them to receive your messages. If you have a website, you could post a note informing visitors about your Twitter account.
* 2) Provide A Specific Free Service Using Twitter.
* This can be an alert for sports games scores, for shopping discounts or the latest gossip and news in a specific area.
* It is best to choose a bit broader subject and have an appropriate username presenting your service. You have to put some extra effort in this as it requires regular work, but you can readily do it from your home or office.
* 3) Add Your Twitter Account In Twitter Directories.
* You can increase your chances of getting targeted followers by adding your Twitter account in the appropriate categories of Twitter directories.
* Some of the most popular ones include:
* All it takes is a couple of minutes to add yourself into each Twitter directory; and you only need to do it one time to get permanent exposure.
* 4) Follow Other People In Your Niche Or Field Of Interest.
* When you follow Twitterers in your niche, they tend to follow you back. It’s the law of reciprocity at work.
* Where do you find them? Browse through the Twitter directories above and follow people who are in the same field, or have the same interests, as yours.
* How To Make Money With Twitter
* Despite the way in which you have attracted Twitter followers, you have to make your tweets informative and interesting in order to make people read them.
* Now it is easier than ever before to make money with Twitter. Through the Sponsored Tweets service, you can present a marketing offer to potential clients to advertise their products in your tweets.
* This is particularly convenient since you do not have to look for customers elsewhere and spend money and time advertising your own offers.
* However, there is an important point you have to pay attention to. You would not want your followers to stop reading your messages just because they are overwhelmed with advertisements.
* A good way to avoid this is to continue sending the usual information people expect from you and add an end line with the marketing message.
* Experienced social marketers recommend sending a promotional tweet only after every 5 to 7 non-self-serving tweets. After you’ve built trust and rapport by sending helpful or interesting tweets, you might increase the number of times you advertise.
* But always remember to do it subtly. One way to do that is to point them to a webpage where they can read an informative article or watch a video that “pre-sells” your product.
* You may also give them a free report branded with your own offers. Avoid blatant promotions and you will get more sales.
* Generally, the preliminary creation of a free service will aid you in making money with Twitter, as it will allow you to incorporate advertisements more easily.
* For example, if you are sending information on electronic gadgets discount stores, you can have these retailers pay you for including their address in your tweets.
* All these advertising tips to make money from Twitter can be successfully adopted with the

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Getting The Most Out Of Social Networks

1:Have a clear purpose: Know what you’re using a social networking site for. While it’s ok to have a profile somewhere that’s just for “hanging out”, you need to know that hanging out is its purpose. If you are using a social networking site to try to build an audience, connect with other professionals, or meet your next wife, it should be focused on achieving that end. Don’t muddy the waters by trying to advertise your dog-walking service, pick up dates for the weekend, post pictures of the company picnic, and build an audience for your homebrew science fiction video series.
2:Complete your profile: You’d be surprised how many people never do this. Yet it’s the first thing people want to know about you. Most people check all the boxes (I’m a Virgo, in a relationship… done!) but don’t do much with the real “meat” of their profile, the About Me section. Put some thought into what you want people to know about you and why people should care.
3:Don’t follow the leader: It can be tempting to sit back and wait for people to contact you, for people to leave comments, for people to suggest installing some new application — rousing yourself only to respond to whatever prompts come your way. Take the initiative and add people, select a handful of apps you like and stick with them, and update on a semi-regular basis (or a regular basis; schedule 30 minutes a week to update your profile, if it’s an important part of your public image).
4:Accept everyone: There are two schools of thought on this: create an inner circle of close colleagues, comrades, or companions; or create a huge body of followers, fans, or ex-girl- and boyfriends. I fall into the second camp — anyone who has taken the effort to “friend” me gets added. Those are the people who are willing to invest their attention in what you’re doing, who have given you permission to “broadcast” your life to them. Welcome them.
5:Add everyone you know, no matter how little: Most services these days will scan your address book and tell you if there’s anyone you might already know onboard. Some will also recommend people a on people you already know, places you’ve worked, or interests you’ve highlighted. (LinkedIn is scarily good at this!) If you come across someone you actually know in “real life”, no matter how distantly, add them. That is, after all, the point of social networking — to leverage the often-invisible connections that exist between us and other people. The worst that can happen is that they say “no” — this has never happened to me.
6:Pick one or two networks and work them: It can be tempting to sign up for dozens of social networking sites, especially when different contacts turn up on different sites. But it’s nearly impossible to make use of a dozen different sites, unless you figure out how to make a career of it. Instead, pick one or two sites and focus all your energies on creating useful, meaningful connections there.
7:Send messages: Find a reason to connect with the people in your network, and send them a message once in a while. Since the main point of this is to keep a channel of communication open, it doesn’t have to be profound — a “happy birthday” is good, if the site reveals birthdays. Don’t, though, make it all about you — that is, don’t post a message to everyone in your list every time you update a picture, go to work, or leave your house. (You laugh — I’ve had friends that did this!)
8:Have something to say: Let people know why you’re there, what your purpose is, and what makes you, you. Give people a reason to pay attention to you. Although most people in your circle will stay in your circle indefinitely if you don’t do anything at all, having connections because they’ve forgotten you’re there is hardly the best use of a social network! Post something to your front page, blog, wall, or whatever it is every now and then, so that people learn something about you.
9:Avoid clutter: Remember when MySpace pages were awful and Facebook pages were clean and simple. No more — now it takes about 8 minutes for your profile anywhere to get covered with junk. If your page is so full of junk that nobody can tell anything important about you, you might as well not have a page. Limit yourself to only 3 or 4 extras, and either stick with the default theme or try to find one that’s clean and simple.
10:Firewall your personal with business lives: This might not apply to everyone, but for most people, once you’ve decided to use a social networking site for business purposes, don’t use it at all for non-business communication — and vice versa. Remember that the story about you, the goat, and the magnum of champagne is going out to everyone you’ve allowed to see your profile. That’s not something you want to share with potential business partners. If necessary, create two profiles on the same site, one for your business persona, the other for your personal life; instead of denying friend requests from friends and family, you can just refer them to the other profile.
Social networking sites have a reputation as being huge time wasters, and for most people, they are. If you can afford that luxury, more power to you; for the rest of you, really think about what social networking can do for you and focus your energies to making that work.

Article By :Dustin Wax

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Seven Ways To Make Money On Facebook

Check out this Slide Presentation which is about making money on Facebook and what ideas to do that . Facebook is well organized, relatively safe, and technologically ahead of its peers. Facebook is a fun social networking site, as well as a reliable place to conduct business. Their developer wiki is extensive, and their IT staff do well at nipping potential risks in the bud. . Facebook's applications are user friendly and safe, as well as economical, fun and useful. Overall, I definitely recommend the Facebook experience. Facebook is a great place where you can keep in touch with your friends and your family and even meet new friends and you can join many social groups where you can share your opinions and even with groups you can move together against or with any thing is happening on the globe . If you have a Facebook account , you'll be able to make an income with it , this my main goal on this blog [MONEY FARM] , so please leave any useful information or comments.

All about Google

See in this slide presentation how google became the biggest giant in the Internet business today ! This slide will show you where the google make it's income from and how it does that . In my opinion i think that everyone should see this slide presentation . Do you know that every average person who knows very little about the internet can make good income with google . Google has changed the world for sure . I'm that kind of curious people . I like to know everything about anything interests me , so where can find information about anything . Simply I google it .Best definition for google is google .

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Fix your malfunctioning gadget or appliance ! is a nice source of information for those who look for a solution for their gadget problems . FixYa also helps with fixing home appliances and office equipments and even cars and trucks . Before you go to a repair shop , I recommend you to try FixYa first before you loose your cash . Experts on FixYa care the most about the costumer product and really take it serious . Second thing that experts look for is the rating . I personally think it's unfair that a costumer get a solution for his problem and then just leaves .IT consultants seeking additional clients can grow their reputations online. is a Web site in a growing category that pays technology experts to either answer users' questions or provide opportunities to answer user questions and receive advertising space in return. While these projects aren't likely to generate significant income, combined with other initiatives, becoming an online expert can position a consultant as an expert and help drive new client calls. .
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